Therapeutic Counselling

My approach to therapeutic counselling is client-centred and relational.

Relationships are at the core of health and wellness for the human being.

When relationships are broken and dysfunctional, we experience suffering and pain.

When we are in suffering and pain, the world suffers more because our relationships with others will suffer.  

It is possible to break the cycle of suffering with awareness and choice.

To help folks, I draw on my therapeutic training in Transpersonal, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and my personal experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I bring into my sessions my 9 years of experience of facilitating men’s groups, lessons from my mentors and elders, my service in the Canadian Forces, and experiences as a volunteer fire fighter.

I hold a non-judgmental, compassionate, curious, and reflective space for my clients to see themselves as clearly as they can, so they may learn to find self-acceptance and love themselves without exception.

I lead by walking beside my clients. I show up with humility, listen with empathy, reflect with clarity, and support each person as they learn to find what works for them to reduce their suffering.

I support individuals and groups using trauma-informed approaches that honour the sovereignty of each person as sacred.

My beliefs and experience guide me as I humbly hold the light of my awareness in whatever darkness my clients find themselves in. I hold the intention of helping folks find love and trust for themselves, so they may light their way through their suffering.